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Board Members

Fire Fighters/First Responders

Chris Burkett, Fire Chief

Board Member/Fire Fighter /First Responder – AKA TW01

I have been a Member of TVFD since its inception in 2017.  I was elected Fire Chief in 2020.  My crew is my family, my station is my home.  I am always available to “serve” the members of my community. My goal is to develop a team of trained professionals that will care for and protect our citizens and their property.  

“God – Family – Firehouse – Community”

John Evans, Fire Captain

Fire Fighter/First Responder – AKA TW18

I am a Captain with the Tawakoni Volunteer Fire Department. I have been with a Volunteer Fire Department since 1988 off and on.  I believe in giving back to my community and take great pride in the service I provide to the citizens of Lake Tawakoni and the area.  We have some awesome citizens whom I treasure.

Kathey O’Neal, Secretary

Board Member/First Responder – AKA TW04

I am the Secretary and First Responder with the TVFD.  I joined in March of 2022.  My experience includes 10 years as a Medical Assistant. I am excited to continue training with our current emergency medical technicians to help our citizens when in need.  I also have an administrative history which relates to the secretarial position.  It is my honor to assist in emergency situations and deliver compassion to all of our citizens.

Scott Dasch, Fire Lieutenant

Fire Fighter/First Responder – AKA TW12

I joined TVFD in October of 2021.  I bring many technical skills including HazMat Tech, Auto Extraction Instructor, Incident Command, EMS, Special Operations, Technical Rescue, Fire Suppression, Health & Safety, Strategic Planning, Fire Training Academy, Marine Operations, and Fire and Explosives Investigations. I work well with others to make sure we all go home safely to our families.  I have proudly served my country while saving multiple flight crews and civilians during 12 deployments.  I am now proud to have the opportunity to serve my county and the Citizens of West Tawakoni.

Alan Shoemake, Medical Captain


I am an EMT with the Tawakoni Volunteer Fire Department.  I have held my EMT certification since 2010, EMT Instructor certification since 2015, and Course Coordinator since 2017.  I joined the Tawakoni Volunteer Fire Department in July of 2022.  I devote a lot of my time to training our First Responders and responding to Medical Calls.  It is my goal to train all our team to respond with all the knowledge required and beyond.

Cassandra Cantrell, Medical Lieutenant

Fire Fighter/First Responder – AKA TW27

I am a Firefighter/First Responder. I have been a member of Tawakoni Volunteer Fire Department since September of 2022.  I am currently pursuing my Emergency Medical Technician certification, along with the training I have received from TVFD.  My goal is to continue training and responding to calls in a community that I consider family.

Leon Myers, Public Liaison

Board Member/First Responder – AKA TW06

I was recruited to join the Fire Department by Calvin Travers in 2018. I have lived in West Tawakoni for 10 years and support our current First Responders if needed and attend medical classes.  Along with my other roles in the city I provide interaction with our community.  I am proud to serve in an effort to make West Tawakoni a better place to live.

Gary Richardson

Fire Fighter/First Responder (Reserve) – AKA TW24

I am very proud to serve the TVFD since March of 2022. Becoming a member of the department feels like my calling.  The TVFD is my second family, and I am honored to support those in the community when they are in need.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve.

Michael Rodgers, Equipment Coordinator

Fire Fighter/First Responder – AKA TW21

I am a firefighter/First Responder.  I joined Tawakoni Volunteer Fire Department in April of 2022

I love what I do, devoting my time to the community and the department is an honor.

Dwayne Hall, Treasurer

Board Member – AKA TW05

I joined TVFD in October of 2017.  I bring 18 years of experience as a fire fighter in various departments.  I also have 23 years of experience as a Medical Attendant including six years on the Crash Crew at Texas Motor Speedway in College Station, TX.  I started when I was in High School at the age of 16.  Being a volunteer has been challenging, but most of all very rewarding.  I appreciate the TVFD and am very proud to serve our community.

Rhett Byers

Fire Fighter – AKA TW23

I am a Fire Fighter with the Tawakoni Volunteer Fire Department.  I have been with the Department since May of 2022.  My goal is to serve the community and continue to train to be the best.  I am a USMC Patriot and 13 years X-Pat.  I am back in the states to be of “service” once more.

Corrine Clark

Fire Fighter/First Responder – AKA TW33

I am a firefighter/First Responder.  I joined the Tawakoni Volunteer Fire Department in May of 2023.  I currently work in the Healthcare Industry.  My passion is helping people.  I am honored to be a part of the Tawakoni Volunteer Fire Department and to be able to serve my community.

Michael Lindsey

Fire Fighter/First Responder – AKA TW31

I am proud and honored to serve as a Fire Fighter/First Responder with TVFD. I have more than surpassed my expectations as a volunteer. I joined in April of 2023 and the training has been awesome.  This is not just a Fire Department- It is a family that strives for a better tomorrow.  I am very dedicated to serving and helping the community.

Elizabeth Matthies

Fire Fighter/First Responder – AKA TW22

I am a Firefighter/First Responder, I bring three years of Search & Rescue skills to the Tawakoni Fire Department including ropes & water rescue. I have been with the department since April 2022 and grateful for the community that I serve. Training & responding to calls with TVFD is my true passion.

Steve St. John

Fire Fighter/First Responder – AKA TW28

I am a Firefighter/First Responder.  I have been a member of Tawakoni Volunteer Fire Department since October of 2022.  I have five years experience as a fire fighter.  I am here to serve my department and my community.

Dylan Dopp

Fire Fighter/First Responder – AKA TW30

I am a Firefighter/First Responder.  I joined Tawakoni Volunteer Fire Department in January of 2023.  My goal is to become a Full-time Fire Fighter/EMT.  I am currently in training under our EMT for the TVFD.